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julien jabre
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sélection 21:00

Little Barrie | “Pauline” | album : “Shadow" [Tummy Touch]

Papercuts | “New Body” | album : “Life Among The Savages” [Memphies Industries]

edh | “Pensum” | album : “Lava Club” [Lentonia Records]

Mr Flash | “Number One” feat. Cities Aviv, Action Bronson, Oh No |

album : “Sonic Crusader” [Ed Banger Records]

Dave Aju | “Nu Threads” | album : “Black Frames” [Circus Company]

Curtis Harding | “Freedom” | album : “Soul Power” [Burger Records]

Phantogram |“Nothing But Trouble” | album :“Voices” [Republic Records]

Riton | ”The Same” feat. Irfane | EP : ”Bad Guy Riri” [Ed Banger Records]

Movie | ”Ads”

Jungle | “Busy Earnin’” | album : “Jungle" [XL Recording]

Young & Sick | “Glass” | album : “Young & Sick” [Harvest Records]

Illangelo | “Clockwork” feat. Phlo Finister | EP : ”Bromance#16” [Bromance]

Iggy Azalea | “Fancy” feat. Charlie XCX | album : “The new classic” [EMI Records]

dave aju
dave aju © Radio France
riton © Radio France

sélection 22:00

Julien Jabre & Mt Eden | “A little Closer” feat. Hayley Gene [Ultra Records]

Margot | ”Waldorf" (Erol Alkan remix) [Les Disques De La Mort 001]

De Lux | “Better at making time” [Innovative Leisure]

Shura |“Touch”

Hercules And Love Affair | “I Try To Talk To You” feat. John Grant

album : “The Feast of The Broken Heart” [Moshi Moshi]

Mijo | “Burundanga” feat. Macaulay [Her Majesty’s Ship]

Barbarossa | “Wind / End” | EP : “Elevator” [Memphis Industries]

Molo | “The Ghosts Are Dancing” [Eklektik Records]

Tom Vek | “Pushing Your Luck” | album : “Luck” [Moshi Moshi]

Wolfram | "Talking To You" | EP : "Can't Remember / Talking To You" [DFA]


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